TUIO wrapper for Mac OS X multitouch events
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Tongseng is a TUIO wrapper for Mac OS X multitouch events. Now you can use the multitouch touch pad to send TUIO events to your multitouch application!

Visit for more information about TUIO.


  1. Download the application package (Intel only)
  2. Open it
  3. Run Tongseng


  4. Click the Start button to activate Tongseng


  1. Run your TUIO-based multitouch application
  2. Start touching your touchpad!


GUI Application

  1. Retrieve the code. Using git

    $ git clone git://

    or by clicking the download button.

  2. Open TongsengApp/TongsengApp.xcodeproj with Xcode.

  3. Build the project.

Command line application

  1. Retrieve the code
  2. Go to the source directory
  3. Type make and return.