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Tongseng is a TUIO multitouch tracker for Mac OS X touchpad devices. This application allows to use the internal trackpad (or alternatively an external magic trackpad or magic mouse) to send /tuio/2Dcur messages to your TUIO enabled multitouch application. The latest version also enables alternative TUIO/TCP and TUIO/WEB transport methods in addition to the default TUIO/UDP transport.


  1. Download the application package
    (Universal i386/x86_64 binary, minimum MacOS X version 10.6)

  2. Uncompress the ZIP archive

  3. Run Tongseng


  4. Optionally change the TUIO/UDP port and host
    or select alternative TUIO/TCP or TUIO/WEB transport

  5. Optionally select an internal or external trackpad

  6. Click the Start button to activate Tongseng

Then ...

  1. Run your TUIO-based multitouch application
  2. Start touching your touchpad


GUI Application

  1. Retrieve the code. Using git

     $ git clone git://

    or by clicking the download button.

  2. Open TongsengApp/TongsengApp.xcodeproj with Xcode.

  3. Build the project.

Command line application

  1. Retrieve the code
  2. Go to the source directory
  3. Type make and return.