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This repository contains three data:

  1. Bilingual dictionary: 11,905-size Minangkabau–Indonesian word pairs. (in resources/kamus_minang_id.dic)
  2. Sentiment Analysis: 5,000-size (1,481 positive and 3,519 negative labels) parallel Minangkabau-Indonesian texts. (in sentiment/data/folds/)
  3. Machine translation: 16,371-size parallel Minangkabau-Indonesian sentence pairs. (in translation/wiki_data/)

Please cite our works if you use our corpus:

Fajri Koto, and Ikhwan Koto. Towards Computational Linguistics in Minangkabau Language: Studies on Sentiment Analysis and Machine Translation. In Proceedings of the 34th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation (PACLIC), Vietnam, October, 2020.

Sentiment Analysis Experiment

You need to install dependencies by: pip install -r requirements.txt

For running the experiment (1 GPU), you can run directly:


We provide jupyter notebook for other models including logistic regression, SVM, and Naive Bayes.

Machine Translation Experiment

As mentioned in the paper, we use Open-NMT implementation. Please clone and install this repository.

The raw data is in translation/wiki_data/all_data.xslx. The provided splits have been tokenized by Moses Tokenizer.

In translation/wiki_data/ directory, src_* is Minangkabau language while tgt_* is Indonesian language. *_sent.txt is the text from sentiment analysis corpus (sentiment/data/)

For data preprocessing:

cd translation/wiki_data
onmt_preprocess -train_src src_train.txt -train_tgt tgt_train.txt -valid_src src_dev.txt -valid_tgt tgt_dev.txt -save_data demo2/demo --share_vocab --src_seq_length 75 --tgt_seq_length 75

For training with Bi-LSTM (1 GPU):

CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=0 onmt_train -data demo2/demo -save_model demo2/demo-model -world_size 1 
        -gpu_ranks 0 -save_checkpoint_steps 5000 -valid_steps 5000 -train_steps 50000 \
        --encoder_type brnn --decoder_type rnn --enc_rnn_size 200 --dec_rnn_size 200 \
        --copy_attn_force  --reuse_copy_attn  --optim adam --learning_rate 0.001 \
        --warmup_steps 3000 --share_embeddings

For training with Transformer (2 GPUs):

CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=0,1 onmt_train -data /home/ffajri/Workspace/MinangNLP/translation/data/demo2/demo -save_model /home/ffajri/Workspace/MinangNLP/translation/data/demo2/transformer \
        -layers 6 -rnn_size 512 -word_vec_size 512 -transformer_ff 2048 -heads 8  \
        -encoder_type transformer -decoder_type transformer -position_encoding \
        -train_steps 50000  -max_generator_batches 2 -dropout 0.3 \
        -batch_size 5000 -batch_type tokens -normalization tokens  -accum_count 1 \
        -optim adam -adam_beta2 0.998 -decay_method noam -warmup_steps 5000 -learning_rate 2 \
        -max_grad_norm 0 -param_init 0  -param_init_glorot \
        -label_smoothing 0.1 -valid_steps 10000 -save_checkpoint_steps 10000 \
        -world_size 2 -gpu_ranks 0 1 --share_embeddings --master_port 5000

For testing (examples):

#cd to demo2
CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=0 onmt_translate -gpu 0 -model -src tgt_test.txt -tgt src_test.txt -replace_unk -verbose -share_vocab -output rnn_pred/pred_test10k.txt

To evaluate the MT experiment, please use this.