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JSON API endpoints

The JSON API is currently running under the url


You can predict the category of a news by calling:

GET /predict?title=string&content=string

Response format:

  predictions: {
    fake_news: float,
    extremely_biased: float,
    clickbait: float
  keywords: [ string ]


Postman is an app that helps you make requests when developing APIs.

We have a postman collection ready for you to use for debugging the API, just download postman and import the dev/postman_collection.json file.

Postman Collection


With Docker


make build
make run

Test Suite

make test

Without Docker

You will need Python 3 with pip, then you can install the dependencies:

pip3 install Cython
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
python3 -m nltk.downloader stopwords

Now you can retrain the model:

make retrain

Then use the saved model to do predictions, by running the Robinho bot in the terminal mode:

python3 .

> Chora bandidagem, chora turma dos direitos humanos. Michel Temer acaba de sancionar o projeto de lei aprovado pelo...

Looks like Extremely Biased

> Pato rebate provocação de Neymar com foto. Neymar e Alexandre Pato resolveram brincar com os cabelos um do outro...

There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with this content


To run the server:

python3 . --server

Running the Telegram Bot

In order to run the Telegram Bot from your machine you'll need to create a bot and get a token from it. To do that, follow this tutorial.

Then export the acquired token as the TELEGRAM_TOKEN env var and start the server:

export TELEGRAM_TOKEN='mytoken'
python3 . --server

Test Suite

You can run all tests with:

python3 -m unittest


The deploy is made by CircleCI using docker on heroku.

Read more about deploying docker with heroku on the oficial docs.

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