HTML5 Offline Documentation for MooTools Core and More.
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Moodoco is a purely web-based client-side MooTools documentation generator with HTML5 offline capabilities. It uses the GitHub API to fetch all the Markdown documentation files from the repository and stores them offline in localStorage. Then, the page and related CSS/JS files are cached offline with applicationCache.

As of now, localStorage is supported in Firefox 3.5+, Chrome 4, Safari 4 and Internet Explorer 8. For applicationCache, it's supported in Firefox 3.5+ and Safari. For browsers not supporting applicationCache, it falls back to Google Gears, if installed. Moodoco has been tested to work on Firefox 3.5 and Chrome.

Contributions are welcomed.

Licensed under the MIT license.


  • On first load, Moodoco will fetch all Markdown files from the repository. If there are a lot of files, for example from the MooTools More repository, it'll take quite a long time. Be patient.
  • The .htaccess file is needed because cache.manifest must be served as text/cache-manifest.
  • When fetching the Markdown files, some of the requests might fail. If things don't look right, press 'Shift+U' to force re-fetch the Markdown files.
  • Feel free to host this in your local or remote server. Since the page and documentation files are cached offline, almost zero requests are made to your server when loading it in your browser, offline or online.
  • Moodoco is also print-friendly.


Report them in the issue tracker.