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PieJS is an open source rapid development framework for node.js. PieJS is used for developing and maintaining web applications. It is written in JavaScript, modeled after the concepts of CakePHP, using the well known design patterns of MVC and ORM. PieJS follows convention over configuration.

The heart of PieJS is within the pie/ folder. Users should not edit code here. If you wish to contribute to PieJS, please email fakewaffle.

Folder structure

  • app/ - All user code goes here
    • controllers/ - User controllers, such as posts_controller.js, tags_controller.js.
    • models/ - User models such as posts.js, tags.js.
    • public/ - Publicly accessible (stylesheets,javascripts, images).
    • views/ - User views for each method in the user controllers.
  • pie/ - Users should not (or try not to) edit code here.
    • libs/ - Code for Pie.
      • controller/ - Pie Controller, user controllers 'inherit' from this.
      • model/ - Pie Model, user models 'inherit' from this.
        • datasources/ - Data sources for Pie Model. Pie is planning on supporting many data sources (such as MySQL, MongoDB, etc). Each data source should present the model and controller with the same basic CRUD methods and data structure.
    • node_modules/ - node.js modules used for Pie.