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Website -

A tool which lets you create screenshots of entire movies in an instant.

  • CUSTOMISE LOOK - Set a custom grid, adjust file and frame specific data, margins etc. to create a custom look for your MoviePrints.
  • SET IN AND OUT POINTS - Define custom In and Out Points for your MoviePrint if you only want to use a section of the movie.
  • INSERT AND MOVE THUMBS - Easily insert thumbs and move them around via drag and drop.
  • SELECT FRAMES - Scrub through the movie with ease and select frames for every single thumb individually.
  • SAVE THUMBS - Easily save individual thumbs or save all thumbs of a MoviePrint at once.
  • BATCH CREATE - Automatically create MoviePrints from all your movies.
  • SHOT DETECTION - Scan the movie with a simple shot detection to get more interesting MoviePrints.
  • TIMELINE VIEW - Change to timeline view where every thumb is as wide as the shot is long.
  • EMBED MOVIEPRINT DATA - Embed the data of the chosen thumbs to reedit your MoviePrint at a later stage.

MoviePrint is using openCV as the roadmap includes utilising computer vision algorithms.


MoviePrint does not collect any data. All work including detection is done in the app itself (Note: It currently connets on startup to due to a dependency to semantic ui a ui framework.)

Please give feedback

As we are not collecting any data from you, we are dependent on you talking to us. If you have a minute, we would very much appreciate if you tell us

  • how you found out about MoviePrint
  • how you use the software
  • what you use MoviePrint images for
  • what you like, what you dislike
  • and anything else you think we should know to make a better product

You can use this form or the Contact us button in the app.

Want to stay updated?

Do you want to be informed when new features are released? Just check Keep me up-to-date in this form or use the Contact us button in the app. We will only ever send you MoviePrint related updates.

Example MoviePrints

Grid view MoviePrint_v004 screencast

Timeline views MoviePrint_v004 screencast MoviePrint_v004 screenshot MoviePrint_v004 screenshot

How it works

MoviePrint_v004 screencast MoviePrint_v004 screencast MoviePrint_v004 screenshot MoviePrint_v004 screencast MoviePrint_v004 screencast MoviePrint_v004 screencast MoviePrint_v004 screenshot MoviePrint_v004 screencast MoviePrint_v004 screencast

Watch explainer

MoviePrint_v004 screencast Watch screencast

Download Mac and Windows releases

old version (2014)

MoviePrint_v004 is based on electron-react-boilerplate

For development

  • The app was tested on Mac OSX and Windows. Running and building it on other platforms might require additional changes to the code. Especially when it comes to linking and packaging the libraries.
  • For other details check electron-react-boilerplate documentation
Mac setup
  1. clone the repo via git: git clone --depth=1 MoviePrint_v004
  2. Make sure you have cmake installed brew install cmake
  3. To have ffmpeg support in opencv4nodejs you need to have ffmpeg v3.4.2 and pkg-config installed before opencv4nodejs gets built (ffmpeg v4.x is currently not supported)
  4. Enter the folder cd MoviePrint_v004
  5. Install dependencies with yarn by running the command yarn
Windows setup

These instructions should work, if you run into errors maybe look here and comment.

  1. git clone --depth=1 MoviePrint_v004
  2. Install CMake (v3.13.2 works), choose "add to PATH" option during installation
  3. Make sure you have yarn (v1.12.3 works) installed
  4. To have ffmpeg support in opencv4nodejs you need to have ffmpeg installed (v3.4.2 works, v4.1 should too)
  5. We'll need opencv4nodejs to work which requires npm install --global windows-build-tools
  6. We need better-sqlite3 to work which additionally requires VC++ 2015.3 v14.00(v140) toolset for desktop
    • Start Visual Studio Installer
    • Modify Visual Studio Build Tools 2017
    • Click on Individual components
    • Tick VC++ 2015.3 v14.00 (v140) toolset for desktop
    • Click on Modify/Install
  7. Make sure you have python 2 (not 3) installed (v2.7.15 works), test by running python --version
  8. Run the command yarn (this may take 10+ minutes and may automatically download supporting libraries from Microsoft). If this process errors out, try to debug.

The rest of the instructions are the same for Mac and Windows:

First time
$ yarn includeInDist
$ yarn dev

To package the app for your local platform:

$ yarn package


MIT © fakob