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Known issues

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When saving a large MoviePrint, the MoviePrint is not complete/is missing the last rows

When saving a MoviePrint, every thumb is captured in its full resolution. A hidden render window then places and renders the images so they can be saved as a MoviePrint. When using a large selected output size combined with a large frame size (width and height of the movie), it could happen that this render window, might reach a memory limit and therefore fails to complete saving the image.


You could try to create a smaller sized version of the video (smaller width and height), use the "Replace movie" feature to switch it out while keeping the thumb selection and then try saving it again.

MoviePrint crashes on startup

With MoviePrint 0.2.14 and up the minimum requirements have changed. Due to the face detection using a machine learning framework called tensorflow a CPU with AVX support is required.


Please install MoviePrint 0.2.12. This is the last version working with older CPUs.

MoviePrint shows a white screen after startup

Sometimes after MoviePrint crashed or was not properly shut down, the database where the settings and the movie list are stored could be corrupted.


  • After starting MoviePrint do Menu -> View -> Reset application
  • If this does not work and you are on Windows -> see next issue

[Windows] MoviePrint shows a white screen after startup

Fixed in release MoviePrint_v004 - v0.2.3

The current version of MoviePrint on Windows needs Microsofts Visual C++ Redistributables to be installed. If you have installed MoviePrint, are trying to run it for the first time and only a white screen comes up it could be these files missing.


  • Go to the following Microsofts download page
  • Look for x64: vc_redist.x64.exe (or x86 if on 32 bit Windows) under Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019
  • Download and install it

MacOS: MoviePrint_v004 cannot be opened because of a problem

MacOS 10.11.6 and the use of a 3rd party program to unpack the zip file where the application could end up being corrupt and throwing errors like

  • Library not loaded or others


  • Either
    • Unpack the zip file with Macs original Archive Utility (via ‘open with’ menu)
    • Or if available download and install MoviePrint via the dmg installer instead of the zip file
  • After starting MoviePrint do Menu -> View -> Reset application

MacOS: Can't open MoviePrint on macOS Catalina

macOS Catalina has introduced further security measures. Even though I am a registered developer at Apple, this is not enough with the new OS. Until I have implemented Apples stricter rules into MoviePrint's development pipeline, please use the following solution.


  1. Delete the MoviePrint app file and if available its zip file
  2. Go to System preferences -> Security & Privacy -> General
  3. Set "Allow apps downloaded from" to "App Store and identified developers" (I am an identified developer from Apple!)
  4. Download MoviePrint again (Using the Safari browser)
  5. Unpack the zip file
  6. Right click the MoviePrint app icon and click Open
  7. If you still get an error message
  8. Go back to System preferences -> Security & Privacy -> General
  9. Click 'Open Anyway' and enter your password