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  1. php-admin-tk

    Simple wrapper around a bounce of tools intended to be installed on a web server vhost for administrative purposes

    PHP 6

  2. php-redis-admin

    Forked from sasanrose/phpredmin

    PHP Redis Admin is a simple web interface to manage and monitor your Redis server(s). A maintained rewrite of PhpRedMin that will use composer, symfony components and modern technologies

    JavaScript 16 14

  3. vim-config

    A set of pre-configured VIM plugins that makes devs, devops and sysadmins life happier

    Vim script 10 1

  4. prestashop-clean-urls

    Prestashop module. This override module allows to remove IDs from URLs

    PHP 85 34

  5. prestashop-seo-tk

    Prestashop module. Handles a few SEO-related improvements, such as "hreflang", "canonical" and "noindex".

    PHP 56 21

  6. magento-inventory-update

    A simple Magento shell script to update products attributes such as quantity, availability and so on

    PHP 3

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