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Mighty 1284P Platform for Arduino
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Mighty 1284P: Platform files for Arduino to run on ATmega1284P

What is it?

Everything you need to run Arduino on ATmega1284P.

Current state

Everything is here and has been initially tested. It should work fine. There is more detailed testing which must be completed before calling it completely 'done' though.

The platform now includes optiboot. This bootloader is better in every way than the previous version, so it is recommended in all cases. The prior one is included for reference.


  1. Download the ZIP File
  2. Unzip it a folder called 'hardware' off your sketches directory, e.g. /Users/maniacbug/Source/Arduino/hardware/mighty-1284p
  3. Restart the IDE
  4. Select Tools > Board > Mighty 1284p 16MHz using Optiboot
  5. To burn the bootloader, follow the Arduino Bootloader instructions.


  • Works only on Arduino >= 1.0
  • Cannot be burned using USBtinyISP. That programmer cannot flash to chips with >64k flash size.

See also

Supported Boards

  • 'Mighty 1284p 16MHz using Optiboot'. The main board. Use this unless you have some clear reason to use another board. This uses a straightforward pinout that is especially helpful on a breadboard-built unit.
  • ' pinouts 16MHz using Optiboot'. Some people prefer the pinouts from The classic pinouts.
  • 'Bobuino'. CrossRoads' board built for maximum compatibility with Arduino Uno-class shields.
  • 'Original Mighty 1284p 16MHz'. The very first bootloader I ever got working. Not recommended for use, but here as historical record.
  • 'Original Mighty 1284p 8MHz'. Ditto, but runs at 8MHz.
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