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Magic Mirror module that displays the upcoming departure times for all BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) lines at a certain station.

This exists thanks to BART providing an easy public API, which can be found here


  1. Navigate to the magic mirror modules directory and clone this repository there.
  2. Inside the MMM-BartTimes folder, run npm install url requests to install the two required dependencies.
  3. Modify config.js to include MMM-BartTimes. An example config can be seen below.


Config Option Type Description
station string The station abbreviation for your BART station of choice. Abbreviations can be found here (under the tag <abbr>).
key string (optional) API key if you want your own so you aren't at the mercy of BART changing their public one. You can request a key here.
train_blacklist list of strings (optional) Line names included in this list will not be displayed on your Magic Mirror.

Example configuration file:

	module: 'MMM-BartTimes',
	position: 'top_left',
	config: {
		station: '19th',
		train_blacklist: ['Dublin/Pleasanton'],


When working, the display should look something like this:

MMM-BartTimes screenshot

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