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FaLC enables simulations of the (future) development of population, jobs, construction, real estate demand, transport, and their interaction effects. The models include a large amount of information: for example, age and income of residents, commuting ties as well as the spatial distribution of the companies in various industries.

Templates of FaLC are published under a Dual Licence: Open-Source-Licence (AGPL Version 3) as well as under the proprietary FaLC-pro-License.


Templates are sample projects runnable by FaLC. Each project contains configuration configuration directory "properties" and database directory "db". Database contains population, distances and base probability tables stored as CSV files.


Use "Download ZIP" icon to download complete templates project to your local.

Edit file: \FaLC_template_sg-ar-ai_1_1_5.proj\properties\falcLocalSettings.xml

This file not exists in template project by default, because it is automatically generated by GUI first time project is opened. Without GUI, you should take this file and update two entries in it manually (project database and results can be stored on external drive).

* data.csv.path - full path to project database directory
* run.indicators.folder - full path to directory with results