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Convert DEL_BIN_ON_FAIL to an array. Only fail on error 1 (syntax) by…

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commit 583dac2d3729b30678e2dc9995075f00494d65ff 1 parent 0c06534
@falconindy authored
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16 squashfu.conf
@@ -40,15 +40,13 @@ MIN_BINS=5
# Depending on how big your total backup size is, this may not be wise.
-# If rsync returns anything but a 0, the backup is considered to be
-# aborted before completion (or never started). Set this to be 'true'
-# if you want the newly created bin to be removed when an rsync failure
-# is detected.
-# Warning: This does not (yet) account for errors like 23 or 24 which can
-# signify problems during the backup but which may not affect the overall
-# integrity of the backup. This may eventually turn into an array for which
-# the user can specify error codes which will cause a deletion when thrown.
+# Specify the rsync errors which, when encountered, will trigger
+# squashfu to consider the backup to be invalid, and undo the changes
+# it has already done. That is -- delete the newly allocated bin and
+# update the inventory. See rsync's man page for details about the
+# various exit codes.
+# DEL_BIN_ON_FAIL=(1 2 3 10 11 12)
# These are the options that are passed directly to rsync.
# The -u flag is a necessity, or else incrementals will

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