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Reorganize config for rolling backup strat

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1 parent 4ec5fa7 commit 6a1282f71ddd4f918042cb785269c1777cdaa22a @falconindy committed Jan 12, 2010
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@@ -13,10 +13,29 @@ COLOR=true
# by the actual backup (and inside this root).
+# Location of the
+# Cheezy name, important file. This is a catalog of your incrementals.
+# Bad things will happen if this file is corrupted or lost.
# Filename for the seed generated. You shouldn't need
# to change this
+# The minimum number of incrementals Squashfu will maintain. In other
+# words, if you set this to 10, you will always be able to roll back
+# 10 backups.
+# The maximum number of incremenetals Squashfu will maintain. When this
+# number is reached, Squashfu will automatically merge the oldest
+# incrementals until the MIN_BINS is reached. If you set your min and
+# max to be the same value, Squashfu will recompress after every backup.
+# Depending on how big your total backup size is, this may not be wise.
# This is an optional offset for determining what bin is used
# for a nightly backup. If you run your backups in the early
# morning for the previous day's work, you'll want to set this
@@ -31,26 +50,6 @@ MODIFIER=0
# not be created properly. See 'man rsync' for more info.
RSYNC_OPTS=("-Rua" "--delete" "--stats")
-# This option determines whether the previous week's seed
-# and bins are kept when creating a fresh seed for the next
-# week. If this value is anything besides 1, the seed and bins
-# will be discarded. If you have room for a second seed,
-# keep this enabled until you are sure everything is working
-# correctly.
-# Set this to the day of the week you want a resquash to occur.
-# Days are numbered according to the output of 'date +%u' -- 1
-# through 7, with 1 being Monday, 7 being Sunday. This setting
-# will not honor the MODIFIER setting above.
-# WARNING: If this number is out of bounds or this day is missed,
-# you MUST request the resquash manually (see help for how to do this).
-# This is again compared to the output of 'date +%u' but does NOT take
-# into account the MODIFIER above.
# The following defines what will and won't be backed up. The format
# is that of a heredoc. Multiple include and exclude heredocs are NOT
# supported, although this config can be overridden in a separate config

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