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falconindy Don't bind mount non-mountpoint directory on itself
This essentially reverts 2ace610. I'm forgetting the historical context
of what lead to that commit (but note that it predates the first tag).
The only thing I can think of is that genfstab doesn't produce the
correct output when root isn't a mountpoint, but that's a crap reason --
you won't need an fstab when you're calling pacstrap on a directory and
genfstab already complains when the provided root isn't a mountpoint.
Latest commit 232784e Nov 5, 2017


Arch Install Scripts

This is a small suite of scripts aimed at automating some menial tasks when installing Arch Linux.


  • GNU coreutils (>= v8.15)
  • util-linux (>= 2.23)
  • POSIX awk
  • bash (>= 4.1)


See COPYING for details.