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README README: i won't attempt to keep this up to date
alsavol alsavol: set based on percentage
aurcomm aurcomm: fix typo in cower call
aurdiff aurdiff: enforce https
bcc bcc: simplify exit trap, include stdint.h
boxes boxes: oops!
csv2html csv2html: minor adjustments
detect-virt.c detect-virt: simple yes/no virtualization detection
dmenu_launch dmenu_launch: refactor, and include cache regeneration
elf2pkgs elf2pkgs: add recursion for directories
errno errno: pass vars correct to awk
ethstat ethstat: force arithemtic operations
fakepac fakepac: example of how to find updates without using -Sy
flac2mp3 use --mime-type flag to cut back on parsing
geoloc geoloc: new script
getProp getProp: rewrite with sed
git-all s/echo/printf/ -- and some extra juju to go with
git-archprojects git-archprojects: proper quoting for safety
git-blamestat git-blamestat: use ls-files instead of ls-tree
git-out git-out: allow specifying a remote/branch to compare against
git-retrotag s/echo/printf/ -- and some extra juju to go with
hex2rgb s/echo/printf/ -- and some extra juju to go with
hglink s/echo/printf/ -- and some extra juju to go with
ig ig: loop until users sends SIGINT
kload kload: add -a to help
latest latest: track the actual python file, not the symlink
list2html use proper arithmetic eval
mailrun mailrun: quieter, damnit
mancx mancx: revive for updated formatting on
orb orb: random cleanup: scoping/quoting
permpath permpath: pass options through to readlink
pp pp: throw in an exec for good measure
pqu add pacman -Qu wrapper
printscreen printscreen: allow extra args
qinit qinit: tweak startup opts
randomJunk randomJunk: cleanup printfs, kill superfluous cat
randomWallpaper sortwp: assorted cleanup
resquash Pull in /etc/rc.conf to allow color
sabs sabs: exit after building the split pkgcache
simplentp add trailing newline
sogrep sogrep: dont rely on a var that may not exist in a cron job
sortwp sortwp: assorted cleanup
sprunge sprunge: nobody expects the spanish inquisition
waffles waffles: rewrite main file finding loop and print loop
walk walk: add -f(iles-only) option
windows windows: just like the OS
xo xo: use delimiter on read for "file" output


A collection of Bash scripts I've written and use on a semi-regular basis.

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