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burp - AUR uploader


burp [options] PACKAGE [PACKAGE2..]


burp is a simple tool to upload packages to the AUR. It is written in C and only depends on libcurl for its functionality.


-u USER, --username=USER

AUR login username. If omitted and not specified in the config file, you will be prompted to enter this at runtime.

-p PASSWORD, --password=PASSWORD

AUR login password. If omitted and not specified in the config file, you will be prompted to enter this at runtime.

-c CAT, --category=CAT

Specify CAT to assign to uploaded packages. This should only be specified once. If specified multiple times, the last will take precedence. If this option is not specified, the category will default to type 'None' for new taurballs and the current category for updated taurballs. A list of valid categories can be obtained by invoking the -c flag with 'help'.

-C FILE, --cookies=FILE

Use FILE to store cookies rather than the default temporary file. If a valid cookie file is found, burp will attempt to login using the cookies in this file rather than by username and password. Do not attempt to use a cookie file from your web browser or other application.

-k, --keep-cookies

Cookies will be persistent and reused for logins. If you specify this option, you must also provide a cookie file path with the -C option or in the config file.

-v, --verbose

Be more verbose. Pass this option twice to see debug info.


burp will look for a config file located at $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/burp/burp.conf and read default options from it in key=value format. Valid keys are:

User = USER
Password = PASSWORD
Cookies = FILE

These should all be self explanatory. Comments, if desired, can be specified with a #. Command line options will always take precedence over options specified in the config file.


Dave Reisner <>

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