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Commits on Jun 2, 2010
  1. bash_completion: initial commit. complete basic options. abuse cower'…

    …s speed to complete -i and -d based on -sq
  2. pkgbuild: don't worry about calculating the exact length of the downl…

    …oad path in snprintf. Just limit it to PATH_MAX
  3. main: fix seg fault in color checking. never declared {BOLD,}BG, maki…

    …ng the verification struct smaller than COLOR_MAX
Commits on Jun 1, 2010
Commits on May 31, 2010
  1. random cleanup

  2. yajl: carry the results alpm_list_t as a member of the parse struct. …

    …declare it as a pointer to the list pointer to reduce overhead
Commits on May 30, 2010
  1. download: more refactoring.

    return early on sanity checks to cut back on nesting of if/then branches
  2. download: refactor aur_get_tarball

    * aur_get_tarball() => download_taurball()
    * refactor away goto
    * don't construct url for curl until we've cleared our conditions
    * reorg for readability
  3. strip doxygen, rename files/functions, minor optimizations

    * depends.{c,h} => pkgbuild.{c,h}
    * search.{c,h} => query.{c,h}
    * curl_get_text_file() => curl_textfile_get()
    * aur_rpc_query() => query_aur_rpc()
    * get_extended_pkginfo() => pkgbuild_extinfo_get()
    * remove unused function protos in query.h
    * declare line_starts_with as a macro: STR_STARTS_WITH
    * use ltrim in dependency parsing
    * pass each line to parse_bash_array by reference, not by value
  4. depends: use a more thorough method of parsing optdepends in case som…

    …e numbskull puts a parenthetical phrase inside the optdepends
  5. depends: unify dependency parsing functions

    declare an enum of extended package attributes. when extended attributes
    are requested, create an alpm_list_t**[6] and use enums to point to the
    destination alpm_list_t where the parsed dependencies will be added. if
    a list is not specified for one of the array elements, parsing for that
    attribute is skipped.
Commits on May 29, 2010
  1. doc: Add -ii option

  2. search: add logic to populate each aur_pkg_t returned in an info quer…

    …y with depends if user passes -ii
  3. depends: rewrite deps parsing for flexibility

    * populate_pkg_deps(): line by line search through pkgbuild for all
      deps, populating a passed aur_pkg_t
    * pkgbuild_get_deps(): simplified populate_pkg_deps, merging all found
      depends and makedepends into a linked list
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