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Segmentation Fault on cower -u #15

ilpianista opened this Issue Apr 26, 2011 · 4 comments

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After the update to 3.0.3 cower -u doesn't work anymore. Operations like -d or -s are working.
$ cower --verbose -u
:: Checking burp for updates...
:: Checking cower for updates...
Segmentation fault

I use a custom TargetDir in ~/.config/cower/config

$ pacman -Q yajl
yajl 2.0.0-1

$ pacman -Qm | wc -l

$ uname -m


for pkg in pacman -Qqm; do cower --verbose -u $pkg; done
this works


Appears to be an upstream issue -- when yajl's lexer receives no data, it crashes in yajl_lex_lex, trying to derefence a NULL lexer. This can be reproduced with the yajl bundled binary 'json_reformat', by sending it only an EOF.


yajl #27 is fixed, and is patched in yajl 2.0.0-2 for Arch. I've also accounted for this on my end in da85eae

@falconindy falconindy closed this Apr 26, 2011
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