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When using --brief option, the normal and expected result is similar to the below output:

$ cower -dd -f -b clyde-git
 S      clyde-git       :: clyde-git downloaded to /home/directory
 W      lua-lzlib       :: lua-lzlib is available in community
 S      lua-yajl-git    :: lua-yajl-git downloaded to /home/directory
 W      luasocket       :: luasocket is available in community
 W      luafilesystem   :: luafilesystem is available in community
 W      luasec  :: luasec is available in community

However, in some cases the command output additional lines that shouldn't be displayed. See the following (two last lines)

cower -dd -f --color=always -b arson
 S      arson   :: arson downloaded to /home/directory
 S      ruby-json       :: ruby-json downloaded to /home/directory
 W      ruby    :: ruby is available in extra
 W      rubygems        :: rubygems is available in extra
 S      ruby-facets     :: ruby-facets downloaded to /home/directory
 S      ruby
 S      rubygems

Another random example is obtained with the package "gnome-shell-extension-zodiac-autohidetopbar-git"

cower -dd -f --color=always -b gnome-shell-extension-zodiac-autohidetopbar-git
 S      gnome-shell-extension-zodiac-autohidetopbar-git :: gnome-shell-extension-zodiac-autohidetopbar-git downloaded to /home/directory
 S      gnome-shell-extensions-zodiac-common-git        :: gnome-shell-extensions-zodiac-common-git downloaded to /home/directory
 W      gnome-shell     :: gnome-shell is available in extra
 W      intltool        :: intltool is available in extra
 W      gnome-doc-utils :: gnome-doc-utils is available in extra
 W      gnome-common    :: gnome-common is available in extra
 S      intltool
 S      gnome-doc-utils
 S      gnome-common

After having had a look at the respective pkgbuild, it seems cower does not parse the depends / makedepends arrays correctly when the packages aren't in singe quote, ie:
depends=(ruby-json ruby-facets) instead of depends=('ruby-json' 'ruby-facets')

I am not sure if this is a cower bug or not, as the pkgbuild seems not to follow common practice. However, this seems fairly common on the aur (after arson, I tested a random pkgbuild and found the same issue).


No, this all makes sense. In the second case, ruby and rubygems were already mentioned, but they were encountered again by a dependency of arson. No message is provided because you already know about it. Simple rule -- if there's no third field, skip it.

cower seems to have no problems parsing dependencies here, as "cower -ii --format %D arson" correctly shows ruby-json and ruby-facets:

$ cower -ii --format '%D' arson
ruby-json  ruby-facets

Yes, I know that cower -ii correctly report dependencies, and thought that this issue was specific to --brief mode only so I reported it.

I do not know what "S" stand for, but I thought it means "Success" (BRIEF_OK) and that it was reported for aur dependencies only (download ok). I'd say it is a bit strange to report both "W" and "S" status for the same package and I have to confess that I still don't get the reason - maybe a technical issue?. It would also be easier to treat "W" as a binary deps result and "S" is an aur dep result, but there is an easy workaround as you mentioned it.

Oh, and thanks for your quick answer, as always.


It's probably more accurate to say S means "satisfied", either by way of "cower just downloaded it" or "it's already taken care of". Messaging is the only thing that -b changes. None of the backend logic is duplicated.


Yes, "satisfied" makes much more sense to me. Thanks for explaining!

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