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repo of versioned binary packages not correctly listed in recursive operation #31

rmarquis opened this Issue Dec 12, 2011 · 4 comments

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cower doesn't always list versioned binary packages correctly:

Note: I have [testing] repo enabled, pacman 4 and lastest cower-git installed, and use the "cower-legacy" package as a real-life example.

cower-legacy dependencies:

depends=('curl' 'yajl' 'pacman<4')

cower detects the [core] repo of the pacman 3 dependency:

cower -dd "pacman<4"
warning: pacman<4 is available in core

However, when doing the operation recursively the incorrect [testing] repo is detected:

cower -dd cower-legacy
:: cower-legacy downloaded to /home/remy/aur/build
warning: pacman is available in testing

I guess the "<4" part of the dependency got eaten somewhere in the process, even though cower is able to handle it.


Yeah, you're right... versioning is trimmed along the way, but some resolution is done with versioning attached. cower "handles" the versioning because every download goes through an alpm query first, so this is purely by accident.

Low priority -- this is an extremely odd case.


Yup, that is actually only the repo that is wrong - as installed packages (in that case, pacman 4) aren't displayed by cower.

Just wanted to let you know as I came across that case.


Should be fixed by c31f44e


Works perfectly, thanks!

@rmarquis rmarquis closed this Dec 13, 2011
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