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34 README.pod
@@ -13,21 +13,25 @@ flexibility and aims to be used as a simple tool for other pacman based
utilities which don't link against the library. It uses pacman.conf as a config
file for locating and loading your local and sync databases.
-Targets are provided on the command line, and can be specified by simple name,
-or in repo/pkg format if the --sync option is used.
+Invoking expac consists of supplying a format string, which is generally
+described by one to many of the formatting tokens (see the B<FORMATTING>
+section), any relevant options and zero to many targets. The format string
+B<must> be the first non-option argument. Targets can be a simple package name,
+a query string (in the case of a search), or in repo/package syntax when the
+-sync option is supplied.
=head1 OPTIONS
=over 4
-=item B<-S, --sync>
-Search the sync databases for provided targets.
=item B<-Q, --query>
Search the local database for provided targets. This is the default behavior.
+=item B<-S, --sync>
+Search the sync databases for provided targets.
=item B<-s, --search>
Search for packages matching the strings specified by targets. This is a
@@ -152,6 +156,24 @@ output.
Standard backslash escape sequences are supported, as per printf(1).
+=head1 EXAMPLES
+Emulate pacman's search function:
+=over 4
+ $ expac -Ss '%r/%n %v\n %d' <search terms>
+List the oldest 10 installed packages (by build date):
+=over 4
+ $ expac --timefmt=%s '%b\t%n' | sort -n | head -10
=head1 AUTHOR
Dave Reisner E<lt>d@falconindy.comE<gt>
3 expac.c
@@ -217,7 +217,8 @@ static void usage(void) {
" -p, --file query local files instead of the DB\n"
" -t, --timefmt <fmt> date format passed to strftime (default: \"%%c\")\n\n"
" -v, --verbose be more verbose\n\n"
- " -h, --help display this help and exit\n\n");
+ " -h, --help display this help and exit\n\n"
+ "For more details see expac(1).\n");
static int parse_options(int argc, char *argv[], alpm_handle_t *handle) {

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