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build() {
if [[ ! -d /sys/devices ]]; then
err "/sys does not appear to be mounted. Unable to use autodetection"
return 1
# generate a list of modules from aliases in /sys/devices
find /sys/devices -name modalias -exec sort -u {} + |
xargs modprobe -d "${basedir:-/}" -S "$kernver" -aR |
sort -u >>"$autodetect_cache"
if (( UID == 0 )) || in_array 'disk' $(groups); then
if ! findmnt -uno fstype ${basedir:-/} >>"$autodetect_cache"; then
err "failed to detect root filesystem"
if [[ -x /sbin/mdadm ]]; then
/sbin/mdadm -Esv /dev/[hrsv]d* /dev/{ida,cciss,ataraid,mapper}/* |
sed -n 's/.*level=\([^ ]\+\) .*/\1/p' |
sed 's/\<raid[456]\>/raid456/g' | sort -u >>"$autodetect_cache"
err "User does not have proper permissions to read superblocks, raid and filesystem modules are not detected"
helpmsg() {
This builder autodetects needed modules for the initramfs. This does not add
any modules on its own, but rather serves as a basis for limiting what the
following builders will add. Any buidlers placed prior to this will be
installed in full.
# vim: set et ts=2 sw=2:
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