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@@ -73,16 +73,15 @@ cleanup() { # {{{
usage() { # {{{
-Usage: geninit [options]
+usage: geninit [options]
-b <path> Use base directory (default: /)
-c <file> Specify a different config file (default: $_sysconfdir/geninit.conf)
-g <path> Path and name of generated image (dry-run if unspecified)
-h Display this help message
- -k <kver> Specify a different kernel version (default: $(uname -r))
- -p <preset> Build using a preset file
+ -k <kver> Specify a kernel version (default: $kernver)
+ -p <preset> Build using a preset file (any of $_sysconfdir/geninit.d/*.preset)
-S <names> Skip the specified builders during the build process
-s Preserve buildroot after image creation
-z <method> Override compression method

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