Generating Sample Events

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If you'd like to see if falco is working properly, we've created a test program event_generator that performs a bunch of suspect actions that are detected by the current falco ruleset.

Here's the usage block for the test program:

Usage event_generator [options]

     -h/--help: show this help
     -a/--action: actions to perform. Can be one of the following:
          write_binary_dir                           Write to files below /bin
          write_etc                                  Write to files below /etc
          read_sensitive_file                        Read a sensitive file
          read_sensitive_file_after_startup          As a trusted program, wait a while,
                                                     then read a sensitive file
          write_rpm_database                         Write to files below /var/lib/rpm
          spawn_shell                                Run a shell (bash)
          db_program_spawn_process                   As a database program, try to spawn
                                                     another program
          modify_binary_dirs                         Modify a file below /bin
          mkdir_binary_dirs                          Create a directory below /bin
          change_thread_namespace                    Change namespace
          system_user_interactive                    Change to a system user and try to
                                                     run an interactive command
          network_activity                           Open network connections
                                                     (used by system_procs_network_activity below)
          system_procs_network_activity              Open network connections as a program
                                                     that should not perform network actions
          non_sudo_setuid                            Setuid as a non-root user
          create_files_below_dev                     Create files below /dev
          exec_ls                                    execve() the program ls
                                                     (used by user_mgmt_binaries below)
          user_mgmt_binaries                         Become the program "vipw", which triggers
                                                     rules related to user management programs
          exfiltration                               Read /etc/shadow and send it via udp to a
                                                     specific address and port
          all                                        All of the above
       The action can also be specified via the environment variable EVENT_GENERATOR_ACTIONS
           as a colon-separated list
       if specified, -a/--action overrides any environment variables
     -i/--interval: Number of seconds between actions
     -o/--once: Perform actions once and exit

This program is packaged in a docker image at docker hub. You can run it via the following:

docker pull sysdig/falco-event-generator
docker run -it --name falco-event-generator sysdig/falco-event-generator

It's highly recommended to run the program within docker, as it modifies files and directories below /bin, /etc, /dev, etc.

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