A FuelPHP package that enables Zend libraries to be used in FuelPHP applications
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Zend framework installer for fuelphp applications

* What is this?
  It's a simple script that enables you to access Zend libraries inside your 
  FuelPHP application

* Usage
  - Check out this repo on a separate path outside your fuelphp application
  - Copy install_zend.php inside your fuelphp application (top level)
  - Run `php install_zend.php` 
  - The package is installed under fuel/packages/zend
  - Zend framework is installed as a git submodule

* Update
  - Since Zend framework is installed as a git submodule you can run
    `git submodule update --init` and keep up to date
  - Remember that you should run `php install_zend.php` after you update 
    Zend framework so the new version `bootstrap.php` file

* Credits
  - FuelPHP Framework -> .\m/ [http://www.fuelphp.com]
  - Zend Framework [http://framework.zend.com/]
  - Me @falexandrou