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@@ -23,38 +23,38 @@ Note that the main focus goes to JACK2 (or JACK1+DBus); JACK1 (raw) and tschack
Here's a brief description of the main tools:
(Click on the tool name to open its respective documentation)
-### ![alt text](./Cadence/blob/master/src/icons/48x48/cadence.png) [Cadence](
+### ![alt text](./Cadence/raw/master/src/icons/48x48/cadence.png) [Cadence](
The main app. It performs system checks, manages JACK, calls other tools and make system tweaks.<br/>
Currently under development, may change at anytime.
-### ![alt text](./Cadence/blob/master/src/icons/48x48/catarina.png) [Catarina](
+### ![alt text](./Cadence/raw/master/src/icons/48x48/catarina.png) [Catarina](
A Patchbay test app, created while the patchcanvas module was being developed.<br/>
It allows the user to experiment with the patchbay, without using ALSA, JACK or LADISH.<br/>
You can save & load patchbay configurations too.
-### ![alt text](./Cadence/blob/master/src/icons/48x48/catia.png) [Catia](
+### ![alt text](./Cadence/raw/master/src/icons/48x48/catia.png) [Catia](
JACK Patchbay, with some neat features like A2J bridge support and JACK Transport.<br/>
It's supposed to be as simple as possible (there's Claudia for advanced things), so it can work nicely on Windows and Mac too.<br/>
Currently has ALSA-MIDI support in experimental stage (it doesn't automatically refresh the canvas when changes happen externally).
-### ![alt text](./Cadence/blob/master/src/icons/48x48/claudia.png) [Claudia](
+### ![alt text](./Cadence/raw/master/src/icons/48x48/claudia.png) [Claudia](
LADISH frontend; just like Catia, but focused at session management through LADISH.<br/>
It has a bit more features than the official LADISH GUI, with a pretty preview of the main canvas in the bottom-left.<br/>
It also implements the 'Claudia-Launcher' add-application style.
-### ![alt text](./Cadence/blob/master/src/icons/48x48/claudia-launcher.png) [Claudia-Launcher](
+### ![alt text](./Cadence/raw/master/src/icons/48x48/claudia-launcher.png) [Claudia-Launcher](
A multimedia application launcher with LADISH support.<br/>
It searches for installed packages (not binaries), and displays the respective content as a launcher.<br/>
The content is got through an hardcoded database, created and/or modified to suit the target distribution.<br/>
Currently supports Debian and ArchLinux based distros.
-### ![alt text](./Cadence/blob/master/src/icons/48x48/carla.png) [Carla](
+### ![alt text](./Cadence/raw/master/src/icons/48x48/carla.png) [Carla](
Multi-plugin host for JACK.<br/>
It has some nice features like automation of parameters via MIDI CCs (and send control outputs back to MIDI too) and full OSC control.<br/>
Currently supports LADSPA (including LRDF), DSSI, LV2, and VST plugin formats, with additional GIG, SF2 and SFZ file support via FluidSynth and LinuxSampler.<br/>
This application is still under development and may change/break at anytime.
-### ![alt text](./Cadence/blob/master/src/icons/48x48/carla-control.png) [Carla-Control](
+### ![alt text](./Cadence/raw/master/src/icons/48x48/carla-control.png) [Carla-Control](
An OSC Control GUI for Carla (you get the OSC address from the Carla's about dialog, and connect to it).<br/>
Supports controlling main UI components (Dry/Wet, Vol and Balance), and all plugins parameters.<br/>
Peak values and control outputs are displayed as well.<br/>

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