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Carla is...

=== About the User Manual

The Manual was divided into several sections:

Introduction:: is the first part of the Manual, we're starting with an overview of the application and mowith a few simple tutorials to get the user hands-on with the synthesizer as fast as possible.
Basic Topics:: is the second part where we start to cover everything from top to bottom. If you're fairly new to Zyn-Fusion ,this part should provide you with a comprehensive, yet not overwhelming instruction.
Advanced Topics:: the third part, where we go into more detail and cover things that were skipped in the previous part. More advanced users should benefit from this part, adding depth to their understanding of the
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= Carla User Manual
:icons: font

== Introduction

== Basic Topics

=== User Interface
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# Carla User Manual

This repository contains the user manual for for the Carla Plugin Host.

## Tools of the trade

The Manual is in `AsciiDoc` format

For a powerful editor with live preview for Linux, check `AsciidocFX`

If you need a different tool, look here:

## Files

`Manual.adoc` is the main document, which uses `include` statements to pull chapters from individual files.

`Goals.adoc` is a document for the manual writers, to define a coherent idea of what the Manual should be like.

## How to contribute?

If you'd like to share your knowledge about ZynAddSubFX and help fill in the gaps of this User Manual - first take a look at the Manual.adoc file and read.

When you'll find something that you feel comfortable writing about, find the appropriate `.adoc` chapter file and contribute there.

You'll find some comments that are intended as a messages to editors, not as content for end users.

In Asciidoc the comments are done as follows:

Every line starting with `//` is regarded as a comment.
Multi-line text enclosed between lines containing only `////` is regarded as a comment to.

// example one line comment


If you have any questions, or suggestions - feel free to create an Issue, and link it in a comment in the appropreiate `.adoc` file. For example:

// Here goes all the term definitions the user might need to reference while reading the manual.
// We need to figure out a way to sort the items here alphabetically

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=== Main Window
When you run Carla you'll be presented with this window:

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