@falkTX falkTX released this Jul 21, 2018 · 343 commits to master since this release

Assets 10

Add confirmation dialog for quitting Carla
Add confirmation dialog for "Remove All" and "New File" actions
Add internal MIDI Channel A/B plugin
Add semitones parameter to internal midi-transpose plugin
Implement move up/down plugins in rack (right-click menu)
Implement LV2 UI port notifications to feedback messages to UI
Implement more libjack stubs, Catia now loads inside Carla :)
Transport controls are now considered stable and always enabled, no longer in experimental settings
Disable ableton-link and audio kits search UI elements if not built/enabled
Do not capture logs if running in nogui mode
Do not use or check for kVstParameterUsesIntegerMinMax VST property
Do not lockup on close in case audio driver stops working
Export LV2 window is now a simple combo-box, making it more usable
Save plugin author name in exported LV2 plugin
Increase polling rate for non-gui mode (30 Hz), fixes slow OSC handling
Fix mouse position offset of Carla-embed mouse events
Fix processing of internal plugins with multi MIDI inputs
Fix crash when closing a session containing bridges with Ctrl+C
Fix patchbay/graph to work with variable buffer sizes
Fix some issues regarding integer parameter control
Fix controlling logarithmic parameters with MIDI CC
Fix "MIDI CC 0x01" not selectable in some systems
Fix loading of VST plugin parameters and LV2 state for plugin bridges
Fix carla-single usage under ladish
Fix file dialog filter of the internal MIDI file plugin