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Clarify readme, document multiple whitelist mode
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Expand Up @@ -32,6 +32,11 @@ lv2vst can be deployed in different variants:
* wrap dedicated LV2 bundle(s), compile-time specified.
* wrap any/all LV2 Plugins(s), runtime lookup

The first is intended for plugin-authors: A LV2 plugin can be
seamlessly distributed as VST2.

The second approach is useful for users who want to use
existing LV2s in a VST plugin-host.


Expand Down Expand Up @@ -62,6 +67,8 @@ The CRC32 of the LV2 URI is used as VST-ID.
LV2VST does not bridge CPU architectures. The LV2 plugins and LV2VST
architectures and ABIs need to match.

A dedicated bundle (1), or dedicated whitelist (2) is preferred over

Supported LV2 Features
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -100,6 +107,18 @@ For macOS/OSX, a .vst bundle folder needs to be created, with the plugin in
Contents/MacOS/, see `make osxbundle`.

lv2vst can be used multiple-times in dedicated folders, each with specific
whitelist to expose plugin-collections. e.g.

mkdir -p ~/.vst/plugin-A/
mkdir -p ~/.vst/plugin-B/
cp ~/.vst/plugin-A/
cp ~/.vst/plugin-B/
lv2ls | grep URI-A-prefix > ~/.vst/plugin-A/.whitelist
lv2ls | grep URI-B-prefix > ~/.vst/plugin-B/.whitelist


Expand All @@ -123,9 +142,7 @@ Yet others use static globals or expose all their symbols in the global namespac
Most of these plugins will also cause crashes in other LV2 hosts. Except that LV2
hosts don't generally instantiate a plugin unless it is used.

A dedicated bundle or whitelist is generally preferable.

lv2vst can be used multiple-times in dedicated folders, each with specific
whitelist to expose plugin-collections (`lv2ls | grep URI-prefix > .../.whitelist`).
Hence it is preferred to expose only specific plugins that are known to work
reliably, using a whitelist.


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