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Unofficial CLI and API for SparkNotes: No Fear Shakespeare
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Unofficial CLI/crawler for SparkNotes: No Fear Shakespeare


$ npm install --save nofear

CLI usage

$ nofear "To be or not to be" # Searches all plays
$ nofear "To be or not to be" --play="Hamlet" # Searches Hamlet
$ nofear "To be or not to be" --play=Hamlet --act=3 # Searches ACT 3 of Hamlet
$ nofear "To be or not to be" --play=Hamlet --act=3 --scene=1 # Searches ACT 3, Scene 1

Library usage

var NoFear = require('nofear');
var nofear = new NoFear(); // You can pass options if you want

Different find functions

There are a bunch of different functions for finding quotes.

Name What it does
findQuoteOnPage(quote, play, page, callback Downloads the specific pages and searches through it for the quote
findQuoteInScene(quote, play, act, scene, callback) Finds the length of scene and then calls findQuoteOnPage for every page
findQuoteInAct(quote, play, act, callback) Finds length of act and then calls findQuoteInScene for every scene in act.
findQuoteInPlay(quote, play, callback) known to break. Finds length of play and calls findQuoteInAct for every act.
find(quote, callback) Downloads first page of SparkNotes search results and then searches every page in those results for the quote.

Install CLI

$ npm i -g nofear
$ nofear --help


MIT © Falkirks

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