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proof of concept tool to receive and parse grade data from UBC pair
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pairr is a proof of concept tool to receive and parse data from UBC pair. The idea is to provide a tool to facilitate a crowd sourced scrape of grade data. By directly intercepting emails from UBC, the data is already trusted and requires no further review.

Example server

Because this is quite a pain to configure, there is an example running at It is on Heroku, so it might take a few seconds to get started.

Get started

git clone
npm install
npm start

Setup incoming email processing

pairr uses mailgun to receive emails. Create an account and setup your domain, then do the following.

  • Set the env variable MAILGUN_API_KEY to your mailgun API key.
  • Configure a route to store and notify all emails from to


pairr will easily work with Heroku, just remember to configure the MAILGUN_API_KEY variable as above.

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