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simple Javascript Upload Zone with drag&drop and chunk upload
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a simple Javascript file upload.



  • chunk split of files
  • drag and drop support
  • fallback to normal upload-form for older browsers
  • supports: IE 11+, Firefox 13+, Chrome 20+, Opera 12+, Safari 6+


  • jQuery


<form id="form" action="server_normal.php" method="POST" enctype="multipart/form-data">
             <input name="file" id="uploadField" type="file" multiple />
              <div id="filezone">
              <button type="submit">submit</button>
<script type="text/javascript">
    u = new jUpload({
            upload_fild: "#uploadField",
            filezone: "#filezone",
            upload_on_submit: '#form',
            target: "server.php"
    u.on("addedFile", function(file){
    u.on("upload_end", function(){
        u.files = [];


  • target: url for commit to server
  • params: optional parameters to send to Server
  • upload_field: identifier for file-input
  • filezone: identifier for upload-area
  • check_file: function for file-validation (Size, Format, ...). Must return a boolean
  • upload_on_submit: identifier of the wrapped form-tag: if upload should start on submit. (default: empty)
  • chunk_size: byte-Size of chunks (default: 3 * 1024 * 1024 = 3MB)
  • abort: boolean (default: false), can be used to abort during the update process


  • init(opts): init the upload area
  • on(eventName, func): registrate a eventlistener
  • addFile(file): manually add a File-object
  • removeFile(uniqueName): remove File before upload by unique name
  • upload(): start the upload
  • files: array of current files


  • unaviable: called by init, if upload is completely not supported
  • aviable: called by init, if upload available
  • drop_aviable: called by init, if drag&drop available
  • drop_unaviable: called by init, if drag&drop not available (but dropzone can by clicked to select file)
  • addFile_before: (Param: file) called by select file, before add
  • addedFile: (Param: uploadFile) called after file added to files array
  • addedFiles: called after (multiple) files are added
  • removedFiles: (Param: [uploadFile]) remove file by unique Name
  • upload_before: called by starting the upload
  • upload_end: called after finished upload
  • prozess: (Params: bytes_total_size, uploaded_byte_size) called by updates in upload-prozess
  • file_uploaded: (Param: uploadFile) called by each file if it is uploaded
  • file_prozess: (Param: uploadFile, p ) called by each file when upload updates the upload-state (p is a float, between 0 and 1)
  • file_upload_response: (Param: uploadFile, current_chunk_number, server_response) allow access to server response
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