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Inspired to be submitted to the community day by the presenation of Mario Bodemann Recording available at

news made an usb-c jack for an iPhone. very agile!

Agile Hardware Development

####Falko Richter | Android Dev Wayfair | @volkersfreunde

Agile Hardware Development

if you can do Android, you can do hardware1

######this presentation is open source:


All details about hardware in this presentation can be derived from the hardware itself and do not contain any internal company secrets. Additional information was derived from public documentation.

Highlights in history of IOT from an Android perspective:



Bluetooth LE



USB (see yesterdays Talk by Mario)

| Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.

  • Deliver working software frequently
  • Responding to change
  • Working software is the primary measure of progress
  • Simplicity--the art of maximizing the amount of work not done--is essential.

iterate on hardware ❓

iterate on software ✅

#case study


problems when iterating on hardware

  • knowledge (hardware)
  • tools (electronics design, os)
  • manufacturing (price + speed)


Maker movement* meets Agile Craftsmanship meets Rapid electronic production capabilities meets China



50 pcb (business cards) PCB Batchs 8534009000 Y1 50 €0.6979 €34.89


prototype manufacturing

order PCB order parts apply solder paste hot air repeat


open source hardware for prototyping:

buy, connect, done

how it works

-> Thermal camera Android code

inline, fillinline, fillinline, fill


Phidgets are programmable, modular USB devices, either sensors or controllers that you can connect together. Simply write code in your favorite language and solve real-world problems.

inline, fill

pi compute module

  • industrial raspberry as a module
  • powerful, small, not cheap
  • plug and play
    • develop software on prototype, swap into final hardware
  • CM4 even more projects
  • CM IO board for prototyping or Raspberry Pi

gumstix geppetto /



NRF / serial over BTLE

nordic semi conductos bluetooth many open source samples uart

OpenSK: rust anyone?

the last mile

ESD protection 3 stay < 48V, go to a lab Certification "spurious emissions" pre-certification helps case cables + connectors (avoid, use standards) mass production

fit right

nobody wants naked electronics:

<talk about embedded world 2018>

  • 3D print, injection mold...

sample platforms / talking points

  • pi compute module cm4/cm4
  • poe
  • expandability (keypad, lockers)

where to go to:

  • embedded world
  • electronica
  • maker faires
  • chaos congress/camp

sources for inspiration:

#Thank you

find me at the berlindroid booth

Wayfair is looking for talented engineers

open source your hardware

inline right




  1. Presentation made with DecksetApp inline 8 %

  2. Everything is better with(out) Bluetooth

  3. electrostatic discharge protection