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The next iteration of xygine....

Logo by Baard

2D Game Engine Framework built around SFML. xygine implements a scene graph along with an Entity Component System. I use this as the starting point for new projects, as it evolves slowly over time. The source for xygine is released under the zlib license in the hope that it may be useful for other people - but offers no warranty that it is fit for any particular purpose, even those for which it was specifically written...

This version provides an overhauled API and, as such, is not compatible with existing versions of xygine - hence the slightly different naming. The biggest changes are to the Entity Component System for flexible, modular development of systems with a data-driven approach, as well as the removal of 3D support. If you're interested in a 3D, crossplatform, mobile compatible framework with a very similar API, check out crogine.

What's new?

All new modular ECS providing a flexible and performant API for implementing custom components and systems, which compliment the systems included in the library

Reworked CMake build system, courtesy of Jonny 'The Machine' Paton, using modern CMake syntax as well as being Visual Studio compatible.

All new reliable network connection classes dedicated to creating gameplay oriented connections based upon the indomitable Enet


Contributions should be acknowledged and are gratefully accepted from:
Jonny Paton (Build system and CI setup and many usability improvements)
Jean-Sebastien Fauteux (macOS Testing)
Baard (Awesome Logo)


Where's the 3D stuff gone?

While it had the potential to look very pretty the 3D API did not mesh (pun intended ;) ) well with the 2D rendering. Mixing custom OpenGL, particularly non-core 2.1 level, with SFML meant that it did not perform optimally, as well as not working on macOS which doesn't support compatibility profiles. If you really want 3D there are many better engines/frameworks out there, including crogine, another framework by myself which is optimised for 3D, particularly on mobile devices. It features a very similar API to xygine too.

What about physics stuff?

The physics binding of Box2D has been removed, mostly because I wasn't using it. It may return in the future, but thanks to the new ECS API implementing your own binding to any physics engine of choice, or even implementing your own collision detection is super easy.

...and the Tiled map support?

This had already been spun out into tmxlite and maintaining two versions of it seemed an unnecessary amount of work. Tmxlite works easily with any project, and is even used in the demo project included in this repository.

So I can't use the old version any more?

Sure you can. From now on the old revision is referred to in the documentation as 'legacy', and can be found in its own branch. The wiki pages remain available, although the doxy generated content is offline and will need to be generated from the docs directory using doxygen.

Why xygine?

The name is simply derived from the fact that this is a 2D framework - hence xy, followed by the gine part of engine (although technically xygine isn't really an engine).

(c) Matt Marchant 2017 - 2018

xygineXT - Zlib license.

This software is provided 'as-is', without any express or
implied warranty. In no event will the authors be held
liable for any damages arising from the use of this software.

Permission is granted to anyone to use this software for any purpose,
including commercial applications, and to alter it and redistribute
it freely, subject to the following restrictions:

  1. The origin of this software must not be misrepresented;
    you must not claim that you wrote the original software.
    If you use this software in a product, an acknowledgment
    in the product documentation would be appreciated but
    is not required.

  2. Altered source versions must be plainly marked as such,
    and must not be misrepresented as being the original software.

  3. This notice may not be removed or altered from any
    source distribution.