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@@ -8,7 +8,8 @@ It is being developped in parallel with this project <a href="
LatticeMico32 softcore CPU.
<b>Draw Me a Pipeline</b> uses the pydot library to generate a diagram representing the changes in each of the CPU pipeline
-stages during the simulation of the execution of a given binary file.
+stages during the simulation of the execution of a given binary file. Early releases of <b>Draw Me a Pipeline</b> will only
+support HTML rendering.
<b>Draw Me a Pipeline</b> represents interesting wire/register values conditioning the pipeline state changes
as well as stage inputs and outputs.
@@ -19,4 +20,27 @@ On a Debian Squeeze machine:
$ sudo apt-get install python2.6 python-pydot python-argparse
+How to use it:
+ $ git clone # Clone the simulation repository
+ $ git clone # Clone the dmp tool to analyse simulation output
+ $ cd milkymist-mmu-simulation
+ $ source /opt/Xilinx/14.3/ISE_DS/ # Sets environment up to use Xilinx tools
+ $ export PATH=$PWD/tools/h2a/:$PATH # Adds h2a tool in PATH to convert binary files to ASCII hex files
+ $ make tools # Builds h2a tool
+Uncomment "`define CFG_DRAW_ME_A_PIPELINE" in lm32_include.v
+Comment other defines which could lead to text being written to the console during simulation (e.g. CFG_PIPELINE_TRACES, CFG_UART_ENABLED, CFG_VERBOSE_DISPLAY_ENABLED)
+ $ make dmp # Runs the actual simulation and saves pipeline informations to file
+ $ cd ../dmp
+ $ ./dmp --starttime 2700 --endtime 3000 ../milkymist-mmu-simulation/
+And there you are, <b>Draw Me a Pipeline</b> has generated an HTML visualization of the pipeline states during your simulation
+and saved it under "output.html".
+You can now open it with your favorite web browser!
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