Pong game for Milkymist One board using Milkymist System-on-Chip
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[> Milkymist Pong Demo

EDIT : This is a port of the pong game to Milkymist One board.
The pong game has originally been written by proppy during a workshop organized by Sébastien Bourdeauducq at /tmp/lab
(French hackerspace).
This pong game was designed to run on the ML501 dev board.
I just ported it to run on the Milkymist One board and to link with latest Milkymist software libraries.


    $ make

Flash on the Milkymist One board: 

    $ make load

Beware, this will replace your BIOS with the Pong game, you will need to restore your BIOS in order to use
Flickernoise to do some VJing afterward.

Following is the original README file: 
The idea here is to present a compo based on the Milkymist hardware platform
within a month. It may be a 2D/3D compo (or 2D only) and must be less than 10min

If you have ideas and/or want to be part of this, there is a small wiki page
at http://www.tmplab.org/wiki/index.php/DemoParty_Compo_with_MilkyMist. Feel
free to subscribe and edit this page (or the discussion tab).

Milkymist is an opensource VJing system-on-chip for FPGA boards,
compatible with MilkDrop presets.

For the latest releases, binary distributions and more:

[> Subdirectories
 /src/       Source of the demo. Finished code goes here.
 /attic/     File sharing between contributors.