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We welcome new mirror sites willing to donate their services to the community in their region. We do require that mirrors are operating with native IPv6 - not tunneled.

As a courtesy, official mirrors will be monitored automatically; as well as given advance notice of any important changes. Notices are also sent to the v6code@ mailing list.

Commitments needed for official mirrors:

  • Accept automated monitoring messages (sent after 4h of downtime; and once per 24h).
  • Be listed in the "Mirrors" page on - allowing end users to intentionally visit your mirror and run a full test
  • Accept some test from all mirror users globally (~10,000 image requests a day as of October 2016). This is for the "Other Sites" test, and is only shown to users with IPv6. This test helps crowd source connection problems from random users to all mirror sites, and has been instrumental in highlighting problems to ISPs.

Traffic volumes are typically low, unless your mirror is promoted, or used at your business as a support aid. Did you know about "" ? You're encouraged to borrow content from if you do operate an Internet help desk of any sort.

Once your mirror is installed, be sure to use the online Validation to make sure everything is good. After that, simply drop a note. Note: It may take a few days to get posted, depending on jfesler's travel schedule.

If you're a large ISP, or a regional operator with lots of peering to other nearby service providers, and you want to transparently host "" for your customers, or your region.. see TransparentMirror .