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Big changes are happening to the project

A large amount of effort is going into making the project easier for mirror operators.

What's done

May 7, 2013

  • All content is now precompiled for installation
  • Content is now downloadable and upgradable via rsync . This can be put in cron.
  • Site specific config files are now served via HTTP; no more compiling (or ./
  • mod_ip now has a ./configure script
  • web server configs are dumbed down; bundled .htaccess files are included
  • Now handling language additions automatically via .htaccess
  • Complete source makeover. Removed integration hooks that were't used.

Anyone with installations from before May 7 is encouraged to see UpgradeFromSvn .

To Do

  • Change localization to use industry standard "*.po" files.
  • Upload *.po and HTML content to an online service that allows crowd sourcing of translations
  • Integrate bidirectional communication between translations and the main source
  • Solicit for additional languages