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Content setup

Most of the logic for falling-sky is in the client-side JavaScript code. This code is pretty much the same for all mirror sites. Any dynamic configuration is maintained by you, in a separate config file (/site/config.js and /site/private.js).

Because the mirror content is (now) designed to be mirrored and identical across sites, the content is now in its own package.

Downloading content

rsync is the preferred method. See DownloadOptions for a full list of other options.

rsync -av /path/to/  --delete --exclude site

Staying in sync

If you use rsync, and you want to automate keeping it current, you can do this in a cron job:

% crontab -e 

#  Update the mirror site every hour, at 30 minutes past the hour.
#  Please pick any number besides 30 - spread the load out on the master server.
30 * * * * rsync /path/to/ --exclude site -a -q --delete