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test-ipv6.com is proving to be a valuable asset to people debugging their connectivity. However, not everyone in the world speaks English; as such, it is desirable to have support for other languages.

Even though we have initial translations on several languages.. the project has changed over the last few years. In many of the languages, you'll see lots of English show up instead. This is where we can most certainly use your help.

We are looking for people to help with translation, as well as proofreaders.

If you're interested, please sign up at https://crowdin.net/project/falling-sky . Let me know afterwords, and I'll add you officially :-).

Edits can be previewed at http://i18n.test-ipv6.com ; the preview site is rebuilt every 15 minutes. I still need to approve commits to the project; so they won't go live on the master site or mirrors immediately.

Note that if your language is not listed there, but you wish to contribute, ping jfesler@test-IPv6.com to add your language for you.

jason fesler, jfesler@test-ipv6.com

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