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summary Mirror HW/OS Responsibilities

If you are willing to provide a public mirror for test-ipv6.com, you'll need to figure out which model you want to use.

Fully managed by you

This model is preferred at this time due to jfesler's time not scaling well. If you're able to fully build the mirror, get on the v6code list, and do updates regularly, your help would be tremendously appreciated.

In this model, jfesler has no access.

In this case:

You may want to see:

Fully managed by jfesler

Your responsibilities:

  • Provision HW or VM, dedicated for this purpose
  • Negotiate with jfesler for OS
  • Provide root-level access (sudo is OK)
  • MirrorDNSRequirements Initial DNS entries on your existing DNS servers
  • MirrorACLRequirements Open up access control lists

jfesler's responsibilities

  • Handle security updates (stay on top of OS needs)
  • apache setup, with mod_ip, and web server configuration
  • other applications as needed (rsync)
  • update apache as needed
  • Automate pushing updates to your server (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc)

Common notes

MirrorDNSRequirements MirrorACLRequirements