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summary Existing mirrors, upgrading (simplified)


Many of you already operate mirrors. You set them up using "svn" to check out the directories.

Quite a lot has happened with the BigChanges .

It is recommend to start fresh. You can consider one of two options:

Completely Fresh Install

If it has been some time since you installed your mirror, you may find the operating system out of date. IF this is a dedicated VM, for running a mirror, perhaps this is a good time to reinstall the OS.

If you do this, please go to the Install page, and treat it llke a new mirror.

Partial Fresh Install

If you're on a shared host, or otherwise don't want to reimage the server, you can save a few of the installation steps. Your existing DNS setup should be good to go; as well as the packages you installed to support the site (such as Apache).

A reduced instruction list is recommended: