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Keep the POSIX fork OSX compatible. Updates to the POSIX version mean this version should no longer be necessary.
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This is the README of lossyWAV for POSIX. The README of lossyWAV (proper) was moved to

lossyWAV for POSIX

This is an attempt to build lossyWAV natively in POSIX systems.

The Windows API is used in the official lossyWAV sources. But not extensively. lossyWAV is only offered as Windows binaries or source files which can't be compiled and linked to run in any non-Windows environment natively.

Luckily, I was able to replace the instances where the Windows API is used with C++11-compliant or POSIX-compliant code that provides similar functionality.

None of the changes would be enabled at the preprocessing stage if _WIN32 is defined. Also, using libfftw3 is enabled with a simple define at build time.

Build-time checks and improvements are left for whoever is interested and experienced in that area.

How to Build and Install

A simple Makefile is offered. Besides the default(all) target, The following targets are offered:

  • optimized: Add optimization flags as follows:

    • CXXFLAGS: -march=native -Ofast -flto
    • LDFLAGS: -flto
  • fftw: Enable libfftw3. Needs libfftw3 header and library.

  • fftw-optimized: fftw + optimized

Passed CXXFLAGS and LDFLAGS (from shell or make) will be appended.

No install target is provided. You would only need one file(lossywav) anyway.

A clean target is available to remove all object files and the lossywav executable.


I take no responsibility for the patches offered in this repository. I have near-zero experience with C++ and the Windows API. As I usually only code in C/C99 in POSIX environments.


  • All lossyWAV authors and contributors.
  • HydrogenAudio community.
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