Key Layout files for Android bluetooth keyboards
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I was somewhat annoyed to find that my Nexus 7 did not have a UK keyboard layout for bluetooth keyboards out of the box. I've created key layout files and key character maps for my keyboard, the Perixx PERIBOARD-804.

Deploy to device

adb push keylayout /sdcard/keyboard/keylayout adb push keychars /sdcard/keyboard/keychars

Run in adb shell

su; mount -o remount rw /system; cat /sdcard/keyboard/keylayout/Vendor_04f2_Product_1063.kl > /system/usr/keylayout/Vendor_04f2_Product_1063.kl; cat /sdcard/keyboard/keychars/Vendor_04f2_Product_1063.kcm > /system/usr/keychars/Vendor_04f2_Product_1063.kcm; chmod 644 /system/usr/keychars/Vendor_04f2_Product_1063.kcm; chmod 644 /system/usr/keylayout/Vendor_04f2_Product_1063.kl; reboot