XBee MicroPython Skin for pyboard
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XBee MicroPython Skin for pyboard


The MicroPython project created a reference design called the "pyboard" that includes an ARM processor with USB connectivity, button and switch I/O, access to all pinouts and SD card storage. The pyboard layout accepts daughterboards, called "skins" including a couple official ones that support LCD screens and Audio.

XBee Skin

The XBee Skin for MicroPython connects any through-hole XBee module directly to the reference pyboard. It supports the XBee's association indicator and RSSI signal strength output lights, and features a more conveniently positioned reset button for the pyboard itself.


The skin can be mounted in two different orientations, covering either the pyboard's "Y" or "X" set of pins. If you choose the "Y" pins it uses UART 6 and it you choose the "X" pins it uses UART 4.

Pin function pyboard Pin function pyboard
1 RX Y1 or X1 (UART 6 or 4) 16 n/c
2 TX Y2 or X2 (UART 6 or 4) 15 3.3V 3.3V
3 RTS (optional) Y3 or X3 14 GND GND
4 CTS (optional) Y4 or X4 13 RESET (pyboard) RESET
5 n/c 12 SLEEP RQ Y12 or X12
6 n/c 11 STATUS (on/slp) Y11 or X11
7 n/c 10 n/c
8 n/c 9 n/c

Building the board requires two off-the-shelf components:

Optional components are:

Printed circuit boards can be ordered from OSH Park.