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Welcome to Family Tree 365’s GitHub organisation. You can view a demonstration at

Genealogy is the Laravel 9 / PHP 8.1 API backend. Nuxt is the Nuxt 3 / Vue 3 client side. See nuxt2 branch for Nuxt 2 / Vue 2.

Browser based Genealogy software for interacting and processing data efficiently. Easily create your own family tree by importing your existing data or manual data entry. Storage of all data is securely on your own server and does not leave your environment without your permission. API support for many databases of family tree records. In the future there will be optional smart matching with other servers.

Data tables for comprehensive amount of CRUD information. Forms easy to modify. Gedcom import and export. DNA matching. Subscriptions using Stripe and PayPal. APIs for various online databases of genealogical records.

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All our work is open source / free and licensed under the MIT license.


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    Forked from enso-ui/mobile-app

    Family Tree 365 - Mobile application

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    Instructions for Docker setup

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