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@famousdavis famousdavis released this Feb 15, 2020

Statistical PERT® Beta Edition, Version 2.1, released February 15, 2020, is a minor release to Version 2. Version 2 is a major upgrade which gives SPERT Beta Edition the same data visualization features as what SPERT Normal Edition received earlier in 2019.

SPERT Beta Edition Version 2 now has tri-colored combo charts to show the shape of the normal distribution at the summary level, or the beta distribution curve in the Charts tab, plus row-level Sparklines to show the beta distribution bell-curve for each row entered. Version 2 also introduces the new Agile Forecast tab to calculate agile release dates using the beta distribution. Version 2 adds some minor formatting updates, too.

Statistical PERT Beta Edition uses Excel’s two beta distribution functions, BETA.DIST and BETA.INV to create probabilistic estimates, plus the normal distribution functions, NORM.DIST and NORM.INV, to calculate probabilities assuming the Central Limit Theorem for summary rows.

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