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Statistical PERT® Normal Edition - Version 4.0

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On January 2, 2020, I released a new version of Statistical PERT® Normal Edition! Version 4 of SPERT Normal Edition adds these new/enhanced features:

  • New Monte Carlo simulation tab for simulating 10,000 trials of a single, random variable
  • New Agile Burnup chart for creating an agile release forecast
  • More subjective judgment options (10) to choose from when determining how likely the most likely outcome really is
  • Revised ratio scale modifiers for use with the SPERT Standard Deviation formula
  • Enhanced agile forecast tab
  • Added a way to use your own, explicit standard deviation, which is especially useful if you have historical data
  • Minor formatting enhancements
  • A one-click way to ask for help using my free support service

(This 4.0a release includes very minor formatting improvements that I made after the V4 release on January 2, 2020).