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Auto screenshot on Windows.

You can review the original blog article:


This application features the following:

  • Runs on Windows
  • Free as speech and ads-free; open-source, developed with Microsoft Visual C# Express
  • Captures a screenshot automatically without disrupting user activity
  • Saves the snapshot images as compressed JPEG files, in order to save disk space
  • The destination directory where the images are saved is selected by the user
  • Rotates too old image files by deleting them, in order to save disk space
  • All settings are permanently saved in the registry, so next program starts remember what you configured
  • Auto screen capture can be easily temporarily suspended
  • Program can run in background; it minimizes to system tray

Old image files are actually moved to "Recycle bin" by default, in order to be on the safe side -- if we have a bug, no files are lost.

Auto Screen Capture FV has been tested on Windows 7, and Windows 10.

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