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This is an example of bursts support in CSMA/ContikiMAC,
together with storage of long packet queue in CFS. This
is useful to support large fragmented UDP datagrams or
continuous data streaming. The current implementation
is a simplified version of the techniques presented in
"Lossy Links, Low Power, High Throughput", published in
the proceeding of ACM SenSys 2011.

In this example, node with ID==5 sends bursts of UDP
datagrams to node with ID==1, the root of the RPL dodag.

Testing in cooja:
  $make TARGET=cooja

Testing on Tmote sky:
1) set node IDs to different motes so node 5 sends to
node 1 (using examples/sky-shell)
2) compile and program:
  $make TARGET=sky udp-stream.upload
3) monitor motes with:
  $make login MOTE=xxx
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